Terra Altus

Caravan Raiding
Is this where I left my horse?

Our adventurers: Thadius McQuade: The thrill-seeking, self-interested human wizard. Beliowen Moonbrook: The introverted, materialistic elven rogue. Hébus: The rowdy, vulgar yet lovable half-orc barbarian.

When last we met our protagonists, they had just cleared the area around the Dancing Pig Inn of some goblins, and were now trying to gain entry to the Inn. At first, they could not secure entrance, due to the innkeeper not wanting to open his doors with goblins on the loose. Our heroes managed to convince him that they had taken care of the threat, and once inside, persuaded him to let them stay for a discounted price, considering they had defeated the goblins attacking his Inn and all. What followed was a night of wine, women and song. Well, not so much song, since there was no bard in the inn. And not really women either, since everyone had either barricaded themselves in their homes or had been kidnapped. So really it was an evening of wine. Upon waking, they returned to the guardhouse, where Belgard, having talked to the mayor and the captain of the guard, filled the players in on what their next plans were. The orc caravan had fled to the north, with most of the town locked in their wagons. Belgard had negotiated with the mayor for the players to go stop the caravan and retrieve the townspeople, in exchange for a reward of 200 gold pieces apiece. Ramila Nym was also among those captured, so there is the added incentive of rescuing her so that the delivery can be completed, and the players can be paid. Belgard meanwhile, would stay and shore up the towns defenses in case the orcs came back. The players went to the town stables, where they acquired some horses and set out after the caravan. Following their trail north, they decided to stop at mid day to eat at give their horses some rest. While Hébus and Thadius went to acquire some food and wood, Beliowen stayed with the horse. While they were away, Beliowen was attacked by two goblins riding wolves! She managed to kill one of them, while the other ran off into the distance. Hébus and Thadius arrived just in time to help take care of the first goblin’s angry wolf. They then decided to finish eating and forgot about the fact that a goblin had escaped and was probably on his way to warn the rest of the caravan that they were being followed. After eating, they set out again, and after a few hours riding, saw the tail end of the caravan on the horizon. Hébus decided to try and bluff his way past the guards, but due to the caravan being warned about our heroes’ approach, he was immediately opened fire upon. The wagon had three goblins riding atop it firing crossbows at them, in addition to the one controlling the mules, but our heroes managed to defeat them all, Beliowen and Thadeus firing from horseback while Hébus jumped from his horse to the wagon in order to introduce the goblins to his axe. After defeating them, they freed the prisoners in the wagon and told them to return to the town while they freed the rest of their fellow townspeople. The next wagon had an orc with a longbow on top of it while a goblin rode his wolf alongside it. They too, were no match for the party, and despite Thadeus trying to jump to the wagon and missing they were made short work of. Nor were the two hobgoblins atop the next wagon any trouble. The fourth wagon, however, in addition to the orc riding atop it, had an escort of two goblins riding wolves. In the fray, Beliowen accidentally missed, sending an arrow into the wagon full of prisoners. After their captors had been defeated, it was all the party could do to stem the bleeding. Had they been a moment longer in dealing with their captors, he may not have survived. With only two more wagons to go, our heroes then remounted their horses, and set off to smash some more heads together.

Note: This session actually took place like a month and a half ago, I’ve been lazy and didn’t post this log until now. These are the events as best I remember them, but I may have forgotten some details.

Arriving in Scottsdale
orc orc orc orc

Our characters: Thadius McQuade: The thrill-seeking, self-interested human wizard. Beliowen Moonbrook: The introverted, materialistic elven rogue. Hébus: The rowdy, vulgar yet lovable half-orc barbarian.

The PCs were hired by Belgard Kevern in Redfall. He owns a private security company, who specialize in providing bodyguards and escorting people and sensitive merchandise. The PCs were hired to help escort a magical artifact to Ramila Nym in Scottsdale.

The sun was beginning to set as they approached the town of Scottsdale. As they crested the hill, they could see the town had been recently attacked. Some parts of the town were on fire, and sounds of battle could still be heard in the distance. As they approached the outskirts of town, two orcs burst out of a farmhouse carrying a small half-elf girl and bag of loot. Thadius dazzled the orcs with a display of magical prowess, knocking them unconscious, and Hébus promptly decapitated one of them and killed the other. Thadius decided to hold onto the orc head for reasons that are still nebulous. They also found an unidentified potion on the orcs.

Upon searching the house, they found the girls parents dead upstairs.Belgard decided to stay with the merchandise and watch the child while the PCs scouted the town to find out what they could. The PCs headed to the center of town, where they ran into a hobgoblin standing over a group of chained captives, and several goblins next to him, with the town hall blazing to the side. The goblins knocked over a table in the marketplace and began firing crossbows at the PCs from behind it, while the hobgoblin took cover behind the captives and used his longbow. As Hébus tried to close the distance between himself and the assailants, a hobgoblin and goblin came out from the sides to intercept him. The hobgoblin captain’s aim unfortunately left something to be desired, and he killed one of his companions who was fighting Hébus. After dispatching the goblin, the party moved to the cover of their own # table. Thadius decided to throw the orc head he had held onto to intimidate the goblins, but was unable to throw it farther than his own feet. Hébus decided to try his had at throwing the head, and hefted it mightily into the face of one of the captives, knocking her out. Beliowen was injured trying to cross to other cover and passed out, and Thadius, after running over to her, was also gravely injured. With his last ounce of strength, he downed the potion he had found on the orcs, and it promptly caused him to grow to twice his size. This was not a lot of help after he passed out. Hébus managed to finish off the two goblins, and then closed to engage the hobgoblin captain in melee combat, making short work of him.

Hébus, thinking fast, ordered the chained captives, which included the local cleric over to Beliowen and Thadius, healing them back from the brink of death. The other captives included the mayor of the town (whose wife had just been knocked unconscious by a flying orc head), and the captain of the town guard, who explained that the town was attacked by a group of orc, goblins and hobgoblins who took most of the town captive, presumably to be sold into slavery. They probably retreated to their camp somewhere in the Tiveden Forest to the north. After freeing the townspeople and helping them put out the fire raging in the town hall, they barricaded themselves in the town guardhouse/lockup, while the PCs continued on.

The PCs reached the north of town, where they located Ramila’s house, which was the largest in town. As they approached it, there was an explosion from a house across the street, from which yellow smoke with sparkling something in it poured. An orc and hobgoblin burst from the door coughing and wheezing, and the orc’s hair had been turned bright blue. After defeating them, they navigated the acrid smoke and discovered another orc upstairs in what must have been an alchemist’s lab before the explosion.

Upon entering Ramila’s house, they found her butler injured in the entrance hall, but no Ramila. They brought Nicos back to Jarvis to heal him, and they all returned to the guard house. The PCs also went back to bring Belgard to the lockup, and together, Belgard negotiated a fee for the town to pay for recovering the rest of their townspeople. The PCs decided to find the local inn, the Dancing Pig, to get accommodations for the night, and they would head out the next morning to try and find the slavers.

As they approached the inn, they found two goblins trying to break down the door as a third directed them. The two goblins with the battering ram decided to try and ram Hébus, but were promptly defeated, and while Hébus tried to take the last goblin alive to question him, a well placed crossbow bolt from Thadius dashed any plans for interrogation.

The party was then face with the locked doors of the Dancing Pig inn, and the prospects of trying to find the slavers the next day…

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