Charlangian Empire

The Charlangian Empire is the most powerful political entity in Nerthus. It controls Argande, the Ebene Plains, the Tobelo Woods, the Kimmeridge Bay, Garran’s Bay, Garran’s Isle, and The Reach. The capital is Clifftop


The Charlangian Empire is a fairly new political entity, only stretching back a few generations. Before it was established, most of the humans living in Nerthus were not united under any banner. Local lords controlled the lands and waged wars with the neighboring lords. Velastan Amistain, the lord of Clifftop, began conquering some of the neighboring lands. The strategic advantages offered by his capital (surrounded by water and high cliffs on three sides) meant that it was very difficult for any of the other lords to launch a successful counterattack. By the time of his death, he has managed to control parts of Argande near Clifftop.

It wasn’t until his only daughter, Ylvera Amstain inherited the throne that the Charlangian Empire really took shape, however. Under her brilliant leadership, Charlangian armies conquered all of Argande, some southern parts of Alamen, much of the Reach, and the northern Ebene Plains. It seemed as if she would press further westward against the Samnaun Dwarves, but her death meant that the aggressive expansion of the Charlangian Empire was halted for now.

Ylvera’s children, the twins Quathiel and Daoine Amstain then ruled side by side after their mother’s death. During their rule, Charlangian control over the aforementioned regions was consolidated, and the infrastructure of the empire was established. Quathiel and Daoine were very close, and under their rule the Empire prospered. It was during their rule that the Empire formed an alliance with the Samnaun Dwarves. A tragic accident took Daoine’s life however, and several months later Quathiel died as well, some say of a broken heart.

Daoine’s daughter Lleneera Amstain was next in line for the position of empress. Lleneera took after her mother, and was a just and kind ruler. She ruled for several years before her younger cousin, Kieran Amstain became jealous that he was not chosen to be emperor, feeling that a male heir should have been appointed, despite him being younger. The exact circumstances are still unclear, but Lleneera was killed under dubious circumstances. Kieran I, who was not proven of any wrongdoing was then appointed emperor.

Kieran I was nothing like his father, having many of the same aggressive tendencies of his grandmother and her father. He wanted to expand the Empire even further, so that he would be remembered through the ages. He began a brutal and aggressive war against the Tobelan Kingdom. His tactics were renowned for being harsh and unethical, and the armies under his command often performed atrocities that shocked the Tobelans. Kieran I funneled all of the resources and wealth into his war, leaving the actual Empire in shambles, with famine and corruption running rampant. After the Tobelans surrendered, Kieran I destroyed their capital anyway, infuriating his generals. The survivors of Tobelo fled to Lake Tobelo became the Lake People. To this day, the Lake People resent the Charlingians, and the Tobelans in the Tobelo Woods and the southern Ebene Plains want to rejoin the Lake People.

Upon the return of Kieran I to Clifftop, a revolt led by one of his generals deposed him and put him on trial for crimes against the Empire. He was found guilty and executed. His son Kieran II, was made emperor, and a civilian parliament was made to oversee the decisions of the King. Kieran II was a born bureacrat. Under his rule, the internal affairs of the Empire became like clockwork, running efficiently and fairly. His foreign policy suffered though, and eventually Alamen was returned to the Estanesse. Kieran II was a somewhat frail man, and he passed away due to disease.

Current Events

His son, Kieran III succeeded him to the position of emperor. While his father was a competent bureaucrat, which might have made up for his lack of foreign policy, Kieran III is an even more inpet ruler. Kieran III does not like to have to deal with affairs of state, leaving much of the actual running of the Empire to the advisers and parliament. The government under his watch (or lack thereof) has become corrupt, caring little for the people they are ruling. The nobles rule their lands more or less as they see fit, and alliances between ministers and officials and nobles are commonly made to secure more power or profit. Additionally, there is increased call for succession from the Tobelan people in the south of the Empire.


While predominantly a human empire, with humans making up most of the general population, and taking most of the government and noble positions, the Charlangian Empire is surprisingly cosmopolitan. While the amount of non-humans in hamlets and farming villages is very small, in larger towns and cities, especially close to the Empire’s borders with other nations, there is a large number of them.

The breakdown of the population of the Empire (in larger population centers) is as follows: Human – 60%; Elf – 5%; Dwarf – 5%; Half-Elf -10%; Gnome – 5%; Halfling – 10%; Other humanoid races – 5%.

Charlangian Empire

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