House Rules

I am planning on changing the rules form the established rulebooks in the following ways. More will be added as they come up.

Falling Damage

There is no maximum number of damage dice for falling damage. If you jump off a mountain or some stupidly high vantage point, you will not take 20d6 of damage. You will take many many dice if damage, suitable to the situation, or you will just outright die. This is to prevent the chance of people re-entering the atmosphere from low-earth orbit and smashing into the ground and taking 20 damage. There are some falls you can’t just walk away from.

Shooting into Combat

If you are shooting into combat and fail your attack roll by 5 or more, you need to roll to make sure you do not hit your allies in combat. You need to roll again against your opponent’s AC, and if you pass it, you do not hit your ally. If you fail, you just hit your ally. Well done. I’m sure they’ll be pleased with you.

House Rules

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