Nerthus is the continent where the players currently live. It has a mostly temperate climate.

Geographic areas

Seas and Oceans surrounding Nerthus


The Charlangian Empire is the most powerful political body in Nerthus. Its control stretches to include Argande, the Ebene Plains, the Tobelo Woods, the Kimmeridge Bay and Gerran’s Bay, Gerran’s Isle and the Reach. The capital is Clifftop.

The Estanesse, a nation of forest elves live in Templa Taure, in the Gamyde Crater. They also maintain control over Alamen, and they have some outposts in the Altai Moutains. The capital is Mellryn-Tal. They maintain relatively good relations with the Charlangian Empire.

The Lake People live on floating platforms in the middle of Lake Tobelo, and also control part of Phandaele. Their capital is the floating Laketown. They maintain a hostile attitude toward the Charlangian Empire, although they are currently at peace.

The Glimmerspark Kingdom is a kingdom of gnomes who live in the Glimmering Hills. The capital is Sparklegem. They maintain a peaceful economic rivalry with the Samnaun Dwarves and friendly trading relations with the inhabitants of the Barlithian Archipelago.

The Kingdom of Samnaun is a dwarven kingdom in and under the Samnaun mountains. They also control the Bleak Shore. Their capital is Caurack Delve. They are allies of the Charlangian Empire.

The Ssiks-Ul’Plyr Drow have established a modicum of control beyond The Rift. They control parts of the Rowina Plains, Karsten Peaks and Phandaele from their capital Ssiks-Ul’Plyr. They currently maintain a shaky truce with the Lake People, but remain at odds with The Niasa.

The Niasa is an alliance of dwarves and elves living in the Karsten Peaks. They also control part of Phandaele. Their capital is Samman Lhar. They are currently at war with the drow of Ssiks-Ul’Plyr.

The Rineldalie elves of the Glanting Isle have cut themselves off from the outside world , and have not been in contact with any outsiders in untold ages.


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