Scottsdale is a small town on the continent of Nerthus, situated in the Ebene Plains close to the border with the Tiveden Forest. It is relatively close to the Samnaun Mountains. Tributaries of the Arges River flows nearby to the west and south. Most of the surrounding land is farmland.


The town is built around the square, where the temple and town hall are located. In the center of the square is a large magical fountain. The square is occupied most of the time by a market. To the west and south of the town is mostly farmland. The south part of the town is mostly for travelers, this is where the inn and stables are located, as well as an area for merchant caravans to park their wagons. The southern stream feeds into a small lake to the east of the town. Overlooking the lake is the cemetery. The northern part of town is mostly residential, and on the outskirts of the town to the north are the houses of the wealthiest residents of Scottsdale. To the northeast is a small copse of trees.


The population of Scottsdale is approximately 350. Of these, most are human (about 80%). About 10% are dwarves, 5% are half elves, and 5% are other races. The inhabitants of the town are fairly well off, as the town was founded rather recently by a group of wealthy merchants and tradesmen who wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The town is run by the mayor, Uradriel Pyxwell.

List of Stores and Services in Scottsdale

  • Town Hall
  • Temple of Pelor
  • Guardhouse/Jailhouse
  • Lakeview (graveyard)
  • Pleasant Ploughman (tavern)
  • Dancing Pig (inn)
  • Scarlet Goose (restaurant)
  • Silver Unicorn (restaurant)
  • Snicker Snack (bakery)
  • Castellan’s (grocer)
  • Ulrica’s Books (bookbinder)
  • Rathyron Galleries (art dealer)
  • Tartan & Plaid (tailor)
  • Heartwood (carpenter)
  • Medicinal Herbs (apothecary)
  • Rawhide (leatherworker)
  • Dented Helm (blacksmith)
  • Wellesley & Sons (auction house)
  • Footwear (cobbler)

Notable Inhabitants


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